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What is greylisting?

This version requires MySQL 5.6 and above.

gcc -std=c99 -o greylisting greylisting.c -I/usr/include -I/usr/include/mysql -I/usr/local/include/mysql -L/usr/lib/mysql -L/usr/local/lib/mysql -lmysqlclient
strip greylisting

Greylisting configuration
Configuration file must be placed at <qmaildir>/control/greylisting
Example file is included in this package and has to be renamed accordingly
You can override all settings by using environment variables (see below)
A row must not exceed MAXCONFIGLINESIZE(=1024) characters!

mysql_default_file ... read mysql options from this file
block_expire ......... minutes until email is accepted
record_expire ........ minutes until record expires
record_expire_good ... days until record expires after accepting email
loglevel ............. loglevel (0=off, 1=fatal, 2=error, 3=warn, 4=info, 5=debug)
explicit ............. instead of being enabled for all incoming connections, enable
                       greylisting only for domains listed in greylisting_lists.
                       this mixes the usage of greylisting_lists (white-/blacklist
                       for IPs, enable/disable for domains). Thus it's NOT recommended

Enviroment variables
  _MUST_ be defined in order to start greylisting. Define in tcp-environ
  (e.g. :allow,GREYLISTING="")
  See configuration notes above

Example qmail-spp configuration

ifauthskip skips remaining plugins if user is authed and is recommended
This plugin is available at

This packages includes a simple shell script ( which
cleans expired entries. You should run this hourly (e.g. via cron).

2015-05-19 (0.5)
* substituted all mysql_* configuration options with mysql_default_file
* minor code cleanup
2014-05-19 (0.4)
* NEW REQUIREMENT: MySQL 5.6.3 or above required!
* this update modifies the sql schema and the triggers. see below for more details
  >>> run "upgrade_to_0.4.sql" to upgrade your data and triggers <<<
  Note: check your queries if you run your own!
* implemented IPv6 support which requires MySQL 5.6.3 or above
  Note: In order to store IPv6 adresses the columns "ipaddr_start" and "ipaddr_end"
    are both converted from integer to binary.
    Additional "relay_ip" is stored as binary too.
* use UTC instead of local time to avoid problems with DST (daylight saving time).
  Note: The type of the columns "create_time" and "last_update" are still
    timestamps and thus displayed in your local time
* dropped support for MySQL 5.5 and below
* added support for explicit-mode (see configuration above)
* minor code cleanup
2011-06-14 (0.3)
* add support for BATV (supported schema: prvs=HASH=user@domain.tld + prvs=user/HASH@domain.tld)
* fix a few minor compiler warnings
2009-09-23 (0.2.5, 0.1.5)
* fixed printing CRLF instead of LF to stdout (captured by qmail-spp) which
  results in printing CRCRLF to the sender. As far as we know only Novell
  Groupwise has troubles with this sequence but it's incorrect anyway.
  Thanks to Frank Koehlert for pointing this out
2008-01-04 (0.2.2)
* fixed segfault if rcpt_to doesn't contain a domain
* GLLOGLEVEL from environment now precedes loglevel from config file
2007-12-03 (0.2.1, 0.1.1)
* fixed wrong operator precedence in white-/blacklist query
  causes record_expires-field to be ignored if entry is recipient/domain based
* fixed/swapped ip-match comments/documentation in check_greylisted()
  /24-subnet-matching is still default. updated both versions
* fixed small typo. updated both versions
2006-12-14 (0.2)
* support for CIDR notations
* new sql scheme for white-/blacklists
* MySQL 5.0 is now recommended in order to use triggers (see NOTES)
* new loglevel support, removed obsolete debug variable
2006-12-7 (0.1)
* rewrote for qmail-spp compatibility
* configuration file support
* various improvements (mysql, ipv6, ...)